Helen started in design. Her big break into advertising came when her ECD went on leave and Helen relocated her computer to his desk. For the next 6 weeks her daily, unsanctioned 'acting ECD' all-staff emails boosted morale by 400%. To improve her presentation skills, Helen started selling Tupperware. She’s driven around Australia in a van, been a competitive roller skater, head-butted a seagull, and tripped over a 1kg block of cheese but not all in the same trip.
Alex's first copywriting job was for an online adult sex shop. He once received a phone call from the motel manager asking if he had just dragged a dead body into his motel room. Alex wrote a song that featured on high rotation on Irish college radio, DJed at the Western Australian Ballet, and together we’ve intentionally eaten raw chicken in Japan and it was delicious.
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